Creating New Revenue Flows for Real Estate Agents

Avenu is transforming the monetization model for real estate agents — while empowering home buyers to transact with greater ease and control.

Real Estate Agent Economics are Under Pressure

The $32 trillion US residential real estate market is being disrupted as never before. Agents face steeply-eroding commissions, while consumers demand new and inviting tools to streamline the home buying process. Despite this tech-fueled disruption, agents remain vital. Their local-area knowledge, relationships, and trusted dialogue with clients still add important value to the transaction. So how do agents remain economically viable in this rapidly changing landscape?

Long-sacred Agent Commissions are Eroding

Today’s real estate agent is being massively disrupted. Online home browsing has become routine and tech-driven competitors abound — resulting in downward pressure on long-sacred commissions. Clearly, their monetization model needs to evolve.

Home Sales are Jeopardized by Loan Complexity

The average home loan package today— with support documents — is over 500 pages. So it’s easy to understand why home buyers are frustrated, and sales are jeopardized. Home buyers demand a better way!

Avenu Has You Covered

To address the issues outlined above, Avenu embedded its breakthrough IntroLend mortgage workflow into MoneyTips’ Home Purchaser platform. Put simply, this streamlines the home buying and financing process for consumers, while transforming the monetization model of real estate agents. It lets them move from a single-event based model (their commission on a home sale) to a RESPA-compliant, longer-term model. This model includes revenue from mortgage fee and settlement items — plus downstream revenue from the home ownership lifecycle (home warranty & security, solar, floor & window coverings, home repairs and more). Here’s how it all works…


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